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 NHL » Lehner going off on teams/coaches...
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 Lehner going off on teams/coaches... [message #792481]
Sun, 03 October 2021 01:39 Go to previous message
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Some of his tweets which seems to have started off when he defended Eichel and is accusing Buffalo of not doing what's best for Eichel long term.


Robin Lehner @RobinLehner

Better to have pain for the rest of their lives… At least they will supply the pain meds.. same old $h1t. sk-replacement-surgery-better-for-him-now-and-later-in-life/ article_7111c3c6-f20e-11eb-833c-673965d0db8f.html

Sabres fans.We didn’t love each other much. was warranted against me some were not. Did my best.But I respect your passion for the franchise.This situation with your captain who was mine should be as big of a problem for you as for me. I know your hearts are in the right place

I’m 100% an nhl fan. Love hockey and want the nhl to be great. I’m not trying to destroy anything.but do what’s right. It’s time to walk away from the old ways and in to the new. Things have to change. I talk way to much and I still have 90 % filter on. Don’t make me take it away

They screwed my ankle… big time. Then surgery and then pills… no care…almost died. But ehh.. after forcing leg press after few weeks after bad high ankle sprain first game. That is foot after treatmentFace with tears of joy.. later is my soul gone after a month after surgery . It’s not all pretty

Is it common for work places to give out benzodiazepines to employees when they travel and ambien ? Should that not be done by doctors or psychiatrist? Asking for a friend 👀 this doesn’t happen in Vegas to be clear. But I know many other teams. I also been in on teams that do?

#PhiladelphiaFlyers ? Dinosaur coach treating people robots not human. Fire these dinosaurs. Fire #vigneault first story. I got proof.. try to shake your way out of this one ….

And they say ambien is sleeping pill it’s funny that rehab told me that’s why didn’t have rem sleep. 8 years no rem sleep. Great. But yeah just sleeping pills

I’ve made crazy amount of mistakes. But lying about what I’ve seen for 12 years not one of them. I don’t care what they say I don’t lie about these things. 100% true. I’ll keep going. Have stored stories for a year. Watch now when nhl will try cancel me. God luck whatever lie you
Come up about me. I don’t care.

More to come I guess, unless the NHL shuts him down :)

Carcillo jumped in with some stories as well, accusing the Blackhawks of trying to push Steve Montador back into games throughout having 4 concussions in 12 weeks. This would be back in 2011/12. Died suddenly 3 years later. ?s=20

[Updated on: Sun, 03 October 2021 01:48]

"We need to get better immediately. That starts today"
- Lowe, 2013

"Next year I would forecast as another developmental year"
- MacT, 2015

"In Brad we trust"
- All Oilers fans, Present Day

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