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 RFA Offer Sheets [message #740912]
Tue, 23 July 2019 09:51
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Posted this in another thread, but it's worth the read: igned_offer_sheets

Pre-lockout, the offer sheets were a little on the crazy side. The St. Louis Blues tried it more than anyone - they offer sheeted Scott Stevens, Dave Christian, Brendan Shanahan, and Michel Goulet all within just over a year, and then tried Marty McSorley a couple years later.

They didn't have the compensation required for Shanahan when they gave him the offer sheet, so they had to go to an arbitrator to decide what they'd have to give up - and remember, this is only four seasons in to Shanahan's career at this point. They offered Brind'Amour, Joseph and picks - but the arbitrator chose to give the Devils Scott Stevens instead.

The Oilers were victimized the same summer by the arbitrator. Shanahan might have got you Stevens, but all Adam Graves got us was Troy Mallette - who sucked.

Interesting to note, the Oilers have been targets as much or more than anyone. Geoff Courtnall, Adam Graves, Dave Manson, Craig Simpson, Steve Rice, Shayne Corson all were wooed by other teams with offer sheets. We lost Graves, Corson, and Rice, traded Simpson and Courtnall and matched with Manson. In a weird old Wild West move, the Courtnall trade included the right to match the offer sheet - so the Capitals were the team that matched and kept him from going to the Rangers.

One of the most interesting ones here is Teemu Selanne - the Flames offersheeted the future Hall of Famer before he'd played a single NHL game. Interesting to think how that could have changed the Flames fortunes in the 90s if they'd landed him there...

The Sergei Fedorov poison pill is another fascinating one. $12MM bonus for getting to the conference finals so he has the single highest paid season in NHL history at $28MM. If the Red Wings hadn't matched, the Hurricanes probably wouldn't have had to worry about that bonus, but it was a giant screw job to the Wings.

Worth noting, Dustin Penner is the only accepted offer sheet in the NHL in the last 22 years. It's not an overly successful tool for building your team...although as a GM, I'd be tempted to use it to mess with rivals salary least, as long as my house looked in order for the next couple of years so I don't have to worry too much about retribution...

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