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 Oilers » Gambardella Recalled
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 Gambardella Recalled [message #726185]
Sun, 30 December 2018 19:07 Go to next message
Shad1216  is currently offline Shad1216
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No Cups

Well now, this has been an entertaining Sunday to say the least.

We lost Wideman and got Petrovic. I'm fine with that. It didn't seem Wideman wanted to play here, anyhow.

We lost Caggiula and Garrison for Manning and Norell.

We now recall Joseph Gambardella from Bakersfield.

I'm happy I stayed home and cleaned house :).

For what it's worth, I'd say this is the OBC's response to our defencemen being injured. Inject a little bit of Chiarelli panic, and you get what you have here.

It's going to be difficult being an Oilers fan for the next little while. -from-bakersfield/c-303386638

[Updated on: Sun, 30 December 2018 19:15]

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 Re: Gambardella Recalled [message #726194 is a reply to message #726185 ]
Sun, 30 December 2018 21:53 Go to previous message
WhoreableGuy  is currently offline WhoreableGuy
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1 Cup

Sounds dumb but I'd rather have him or Marody or Russell in the lineup just for the fact that the bottom 6 hasn't produced AT ALL. Like if these guys come in and get a goal that's more than Reider has done all season. Is it hurting their development to bring them up right now into the tire fire that is the Oilers? Maybe. I'd rather see these guys bust their ass, Marody looked great when he was called up, like a guy scared to lose his job.

"Bah Gawd! Would somebody stop the damn draft!"

- Jim Ross calling the NHL Draft Lotto 2015 as the Oilers win

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