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 NHL » Canucks Press Conference - Announcing Tocchet
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 Canucks Press Conference - Announcing Tocchet [message #817150]
Mon, 23 January 2023 01:00 Go to previous message
HamBlaster  is currently offline HamBlaster
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What a cluster eff...

How does Patrik Allvin have a GM role in this league when he speaks English worse than JP? The guy was stumbling over his words all over the place.

Tocchet starts off by talking about how great Vancouver's restaurants are.

Rutherford then proceeds to throw Podkolzin and Hoglander right under those bus tires. Directly underneath them.

That set a wicked tone for the press conference. Lalji asked some very tough questions... and Allvin answered basically none of them. Rutherford, the actual GM, answered pretty well everything. Hahaha... what a gong show.

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By: HamBlaster on Mon, 23 January 2023 01:00
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By: nullterm on Mon, 23 January 2023 02:54
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By: Kr55 on Mon, 23 January 2023 08:47

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