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 Speculation » Delusional new take from Kurt Leavins
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 Delusional new take from Kurt Leavins [message #718260]
Wed, 05 September 2018 14:26 Go to next message
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The Cult of Hockey's biggest cheerleader has contributed another fantasy to the Oilogosphere! /darnell-nurse-will-eventually-sign-with-the-edmonton-oilers -but-why-is-it-taking-so-long

In the World According to Kurt, the Oilers are going to sign Nurse to a 2-yr deal worth between $2.8MM & $3.2MM, then get a new defenceman addition with the money they save on LTIR.

Leavins' is an unabashed cheerleader. I don't think he's written anything remotely critical of the Oilers or the management in his entire tenure with the Cult of Hockey, so we shouldn't really be surprised by seeing this cheery take on where we are at. That said, I think there's a few issues:

- Nurse may agree to a somewhat team-friendly number on salary for this year, because he wants to play and the team has a very finite amount of cap space. He can't get a longer deal, because the team can't afford to do one. However, there's no chance that the salary starts with a two, and it's probably going to be for higher than the range Leavins has suggested.
- It's not likely going to be two years at a team-friendly cap hit unless there's a lengthy holdout. There is no good reason for Nurse to agree to that. He signs a single year deal, and he'll almost certainly make more next year. His agent will know that.
- He's negotiating against Peter "I play poker with all my cards up" Chiarelli. If the agent signed the deal suggested, then he should be immediately fired, or Nurse should be a public hero for taking that deal.
- The Oilers can't spend like drunken sailors, simply by putting Sekera on LTIR. If they have to pay bonus money (and they'll likely pay SOME bonuses), then LTIR has a negative impact. I don't recall all the specifics, but LTIR would create issues with the bonuses getting pretty much all pushed in to next year's cap.
- The Oilers just hired a bubble guy and brought another to camp. It would be extremely surprising if they acquired some higher paid player post-camp when LTIR kicks in for Sekera. The only chance of that happening comes late in the year if the Oilers are still in contention for a playoff spot.

I expect we'll see a one-year deal for Nurse and no additional help coming. This is your Oilers roster for 2018-19.

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 Re: Delusional new take from Kurt Leavins [message #718279 is a reply to message #718260 ]
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I worry that the Oiler plan for Nurse is now to wait until after the season starts to sign him to a long term contract. They'll be able to go $5+ million over the cap until Sekera comes back, I don't know what they do at that point.

It would be so typical of Oilers management to do this and feel good about themselves, thinking they got one over on everybody, when really it just puts Nurse in a bad position to start the season without any preparation.

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