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 Speculation » Patrick Eaves
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 Patrick Eaves [message #686788]
Wed, 08 February 2017 17:39 Go to next message
rrathel716  is currently offline rrathel716
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Location: edmonton

No Cups

Well how about Patrick Eaves to give us some depth on the right side for the playoff push. Is having a good year, is cheap and could play 2nd or 3rd RW. If we cannot solidify our D then better have more power on 3rd and 4th line to help our D. Could be pry for one of those extra pick and we could add a conditional if he resign with us

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 Re: Patrick Eaves [message #686800 is a reply to message #686788 ]
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OilPeg  is currently offline OilPeg
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No Cups

Eaves is a funny one. Guy has never scored at this pace, already at a career high for goals and points, I'm wondering if all the injuries in Dallas early this season pushed him up the lineup to play with better players than he normally would which obviously bumps his total.

If you're acquiring Eaves to be a scorer from our 3rd line, it's probably not going to happen. He's playing on the 1st line with Jamie Benn and on the first power play unit right now.

If you're acquiring him for depth, sure that would make sense, but I'm not giving up much for him. His 19 goals are an aberration, I don't feel he'll score like this on another team. He's in a perfect storm right now. Dallas can have a 5th or a 6th rounder. Someone may pay more for him as he'll likely be a 20-goal scorer (for the 1st time in his career AND in a contract year!!) by the deadline so if I'm a GM I'm staying away from Eaves.

HOWEVER, and this is a big one, his beard is phenomenal!

Skookum Jim wrote on Sat, 02 June 2012 00:29

But he (Belanger)'s as soft as room temp. margarine.

Skookum Jim wrote on Tue, 16 March 2021 18:49

Turris in the BOA will be like an ice cube in the Sahara.

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 Re: Patrick Eaves [message #686802 is a reply to message #686800 ]
Thu, 09 February 2017 08:33 Go to previous message
RDOilerfan  is currently offline RDOilerfan
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Registered: January 2016

6 Cups

Eaves would be a good RW option to help with their thin depth. If you look at his last 3 seasons with Dallas, he's been pretty productive, just can't stay healthy.

Good teams in the playoffs have guys that can play up and down the lines and contribute. He'd be a great 3rd liner but has shown he can produce when playing up with good players. Plus he skates well and has experience.

Another guy I would consider is Sharp who's also a UFA. A bit older but still skates well, shoots right. TONS of playoff experience.

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