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 Re: Oil sign Dr Drai - 8 yrs at $8.5mil/season [message #698971 is a reply to message #698969 ]
Thu, 14 September 2017 14:26 Go to previous message
Pseudoreality  is currently offline Pseudoreality
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No Cups

GabbyDugan wrote on Thu, 14 September 2017 14:08

...This year, Drai should be able to start the season stronger than last year, when he was playing from early August in Germany to qualify them for a spot in the Olympics, then playing in that forgettable World Cup of Hockey tournament before training camp started...this year, he just has to be concerned with his performance as an Oiler....

That should have made him start strong, but maybe burn out by the end of the year. Players are typically in best game shape mid-year.

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 Re: Oil sign Dr Drai - 8 yrs at $8.5mil/season [message #698399 is a reply to message #698344 ]
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smyth260 is currently online smyth260
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1 Cup

I am not very happy with this summer...we are paying Draisaitl the 13th most in the league next and he is the only one in RFA years. This is just not good negotiating for a player that we are uncertain will be able to maintain the kind of year he had last year. I would have preferred the 1 or 2 year bridge at this point, because I just can't see a world where Draisaitl will prove to be worth more than 8.5M. He is coming off of a top 10 scoring year and he is getting paid for it in full value. Is there any chance he does better than that next year? I would say not very likely.

I like him a lot, but he pretty much has to be at least a top 15 scorer now for this to be worth it. 8M really should have been lots.

The saving grace is that the McDavid and Draisaitl contracts might be good value in the UFA years that they signed. Let's hope. Draisaitl is not a sure fire thing like Malkin was.

I have no confidence in Chiarelli's negotiating skills. We are just paying top dollar in everything. Whether it is Draisaitl, Kris Russell, Lucic, trading for Larsson, or trading for Strome.

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 Re: Oil sign Dr Drai - 8 yrs at $8.5mil/season [message #698400 is a reply to message #698344 ]
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Rocksteady  is currently offline Rocksteady
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2 Cups

Put me down as not loving the deal but I think I can stomach it. 8.5 is way too much on a single stellar season. The term is great but I'm not sure he can drive his own line, he's great for protecting the puck and his big size helps him at the centre position but 8.5 is a lot for 1 single season.

I thought he had another year of his ELC because he wasn't on the...oh right.

Nuge is gone. Simply no room at the inn. He makes too much for a 3 C and even though I really do love how he back checks and his play away from the puck his cash is too much for that roll.

..and guys that Russell signing? It's fine.

Many people lament over the cap figures but are people not seeing the cap will go up and we certainly are heading toward another lock out in 2020 which will probably reduce the wages of the players by another 25% I've seen this play before guys. Before the last lockout GM's were signing at crazy deals too. It all worked out, not for the fans but business wise it did.

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.

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 Re: Oil sign Dr Drai - 8 yrs at $8.5mil/season [message #698402 is a reply to message #698344 ]
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vsove  is currently offline vsove
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1 Cup

Not a huge fan of the dollars, but it's not the worst I've ever seen.

Most importantly, Chia can get to the cabin for the rest of August without the stress of this contract hanging over his head.

No Mo' Lowe | Fire McLellan | Fire everyone.

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