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 Oilers » The Positives
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 The Positives [message #598077]
Mon, 29 April 2013 00:57 Go to next message
Nitty_Gritty_Smytty  is currently offline Nitty_Gritty_Smytty
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Registered: July 2006
Location: City Of Champions

No Cups

Well after another disappointing season and alot of negativity in Oiler land right now, I figured I'd try to come up with some positives from this season and going forward:

-Taylor Hall finishes 9th in league scoring with 16G-34A-50PTS. Prorated to an 82 game season equals 29G-62A-91PTS.

-Nail Yakupov 1st in rookie scoring with 17G-14A-34PTS. Prorated to an 82 game season equals 29G-23A-52PTS.

-Justin Schultz named AHL defenceman of the year despite playing only half a season there, becoming the first rookie to win the award. Also led all NHL rookies with 19 assists to go along with 8 goals. Prorated to an 82 game season equals 14G-32A-46PTS.

-Sam Gagner had a career year with 14G-24A-38PTS. Prorated to an 82 game season equals 24G-41A-65PTS.

-Devan Dubnyk proved he could be a competent NHL starter this season.

-Magnus Pajaarvi was a pleasant suprise showing he could be a solid contributor going forward.

-Eberle, Hall, J.Schultz, Devan Dubnyk, Jeff Petry and Smid all playing in the WHC. Although it would be better if they were all playing in the playoffs instead.

-Oscar Klefbom. Even though he was injured this season he appears close to cracking the lineup. If it were up to me I'd have him start next season in the A and be one of the first call-ups.

-Locked up Ladislav Smid for the next 4 years at a very reasonable 3.5mil/yr.

-$11mil in cap space opened up with Khabibulin, Whitney, Sutton and Souray coming off the books. $14.125mil if you include Jones, Petrell and Smithson.

-Only 2 more years left on Horcoff's contract which drops to $4mil actual salary next season and $3mil after that.

-2 compliance buyouts.

-Oilers win season series vs. Canucks, first time since '05-'06.

-Oilers have won 4 of the last 6 BOA's and finish ahead of the flames in the standings for the first time since 2003.

-Both Oilers special teams finished in the top 10. PP 7th at 20.1%, PK 9th at 83.4%

-Oilers hold 7th overall pick with a 4.7% chance to win the lottery and have two 2nd round picks.

-OKC in the playoffs for the 3rd straight year.

And last but not least the flames are in SHAMBLES! Finally trading away their captain, best defenseman and Kiprusoff set to retire this summer. They don't even know the world of hurt there gonna be in for the next 5 years.

"Oil is thicker than blood." - The Great One #99

"I'm gonna go there, do my best to make the playoffs and win that I can bring it down here to Edmonton...because that's where my heart is." - Ryan Smyth #94

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 Re: The Positives [message #598079 is a reply to message #598077 ]
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v4ance  is currently offline v4ance
Messages: 711
Registered: July 2008
Location: Calgary

No Cups

Nail Yakupov early game winning goals

Feb 28 5-1 vs Stars
Long time coming

Mar 30 4-0 vs Canucks
Hall breaks record and chases Schneider in a stretch that sees us chase the goalie in 4 of 5 games.

Apr 3 8-2 vs Flames
Don't need to say anything else

Apr 26 6-1 vs Wild
Another streak broken

Apr27 7-2 vs Canucks
Break their spirits! Break them well!

Hall's figured out how to use his speed for offense without taking the maximum punishment. In the first year, he was an uncontrolled cannonball. Now he's a shark.

Paajarvi learned how to play with his big frame and his speed down the wing. Lotsa dirty goals for the rest of his career, driving to the net.

Justin Schultz was everything that was advertised. Future Norris nominee if he keeps developing.

Eberle. Unsustainable but still such filthy goals.

Petry has arrived. For good.

Dubnyk is a #1 goalie. No doubt now. Nice to see the Oilers finally develop one inhouse since the glory days of Fuhr and Moog.

We've got all the stars figured out and acquired. Now all we need are the plumbers and glue guys.

Jordan Eberle on his goal scoring: "A lot of guys joke that I have a muffin. Well, it's an accurate muffin, and that's all that counts."

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 Re: The Positives [message #598091 is a reply to message #598079 ]
Mon, 29 April 2013 09:49 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Team Dean  is currently offline Team Dean
Messages: 624
Registered: April 2010
Location: Central Alberta

No Cups

My fave moments of the year were when we shellacked Calgary 8-2 for fat feaster, and that crazy 6-5 thriller in chi town.
That 6-1 Minny beatdown is a close third.

Oh, Yaks slide across the ice, and his hatty round out the top 5.

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 Re: The Positives [message #598109 is a reply to message #598091 ]
Mon, 29 April 2013 11:21 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Mike  is currently offline Mike
Messages: 3402
Registered: August 2005
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

3 Cups

Well, the not so good:

Despite moving up 5 spots in the standings, we actually would only have improved 3 points pro-rated to 82 games. I expected much more from a healthy team, which for the most part we seemed to be, though I now question how healthy RNH really was. And to me, that was one of the biggest factors to the team not doing better (the other being our putrid bottom 6). And despite our plethora of offensive weapons, we were again one of the worst teams in the league in terms of shots for/game (26.7 last year, 26.8 this year). We were dead last in Faceoff% this year at 46.1%.

As for positives:

Despite a poor showing by RNH, our PP was almost as good as last year (even better depending on how you look at it). Although we dropped from 3rd to 8th, our % only dropped from 20.6% to 20.1%. Interestingly, even though we had a lower percentage, it would have prorated to 4 more goals in 82 games (meaning we were drawing more penalties obviously). Also, last year only 6 teams gave up more SHG than us (8). This year we only gave up 1 (2 teams didn't give up any).

A very nice improvement for our PK moving from 14th to 9th, a full 1% better than last year. Last year we only scored 5 SHG all year, but this year we scored 4 in about half the games (8th in the league)

So long story short - our special teams were once again amongst the best in the entire NHL.

Even though we couldn't score a goal the first month of the season, thanks to the last 2 games we managed to improve on our GF from last year (2.52 to 2.56), also improved on our GA (2.83 to 2.73).

And for me, one of the best things from this year: Dubnyk. Despite some of the hate he gets on here and everywhere, the guy finished with a .920 save %, good enough for 14th in the NHL, ahead of "elite #1 starters":

Kari Lehtonen - .916
MA Fleury - .915
Ryan Miller - .915
Mike Smith - .910
Pekka Rinne - .910
Nik Backstrom - .909
Cam Ward - .908
Roberto Luongo - .907
Carey Price - .905
Jonathan Quick - .902
Martin Brodeur - .901

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 Re: The Positives [message #598114 is a reply to message #598109 ]
Mon, 29 April 2013 11:41 Go to previous messageGo to next message
rukm01  is currently offline rukm01
Messages: 618
Registered: December 2004
Location: Edmonton

No Cups

Mike wrote on Mon, 29 April 2013 11:21

And for me, one of the best things from this year: Dubnyk. Despite some of the hate he gets on here and everywhere, the guy finished with a .920 save %, good enough for 14th in the NHL, ahead of "elite #1 starters":

I would agree and add that he was utterly abandoned at times (several two-on-0's stand out; the 2- and 3-on-1s these last couple weeks made it look like NHL all star games minus any all stars on our side).

I really have no idea what we have in Dubnyk because our defence is so absurdly porous you have to give him some benefit of doubt. He saw a ton of rubber this year and at least statistically stood up well.

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 Re: The Positives [message #598139 is a reply to message #598114 ]
Mon, 29 April 2013 12:23 Go to previous message
halfafrog  is currently offline halfafrog
Messages: 1031
Registered: March 2006
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

1 Cup

Lots of positives, lots of needs though too.

I suspect when RNH comes back he will be completely different from this year. It was obvious he was never completely healthy to me, just healthy enough to play.

We need to be better on our face offs. Lacking control off of face offs obviously leads to less time playing with the puck. Adam Oats should have been our faceoff coach after he ended his career here. My opinion.

One big center that can win face offs. We don't need 2 guys like RNH. Gagne I think is trade bait for that bigger stronger center.

How is it that Columbus went from 30th in the league to 16th/17th in one year? Didn't we get the #1 pick? I was very impressed with Columbus in their last 10 games. Playing to get to the playoffs. The Oilers going .100 when it mattered....where is the killer instinct?

I saw Hall and Yakupov working....and it seems like they were the only ones. I like that for future. I see Hall being scary next year. I see Yaks, Hall and RNH on line one. Eberle, hopefully a big strong center ,Paayarvi on line 2, and Hemsky on a line 3 with Horcoff and someone else as a strong line 3.

Hopefully this Klefbom kid can play next year and we can sign a few free agent D men....right there we seem better....oh and please put Lowe out to pasture. I swear players are still scared to come here as long as he is in the background suggesting they buy out their bonuses and stupid stuff like that when players are traded.

So this is what hope feels like?

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