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 Oilers historic numbers [message #791050]
Tue, 10 August 2021 14:39
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No Cups

Inspired partially by benv's post about who had played the most games as an Oiler with no playoff games, I decided to take a look at some general stats across Oilers NHL history (didn't take the time to add in WHA history on this, sorry) to find out which Oilers lead in some more interesting statistical categories. Generally we all know who leads in things like goals, assists, points, +/- and such, but I wanted to take a look at some of those stats as a percentage of each other to see what Oilers have exceled under the radar. I also decided to use some arbistary thresholds, so that guys who only played a game or two don't skew who is the best.

1. GW goals per goal scored - Threshold: 20 goals. At 35% Scott Pearson is the winner, who scored exactly 20 goals as an Oiler with 7 game winners. Boyd Deveraux missed the cut off with only 15 goals, but 6 of those were game winners (40%). Kelly Buchberger also did very well with 24 out of his 82 goals being game winners (29%). I had no idea he was so clutch.

2. Game winning goals per game - Threshold: 100 games. Winner here could change, but let's hope it doesn't, because it is Conner McDavid. Of the 407 games he has played, he has scored the game winner in 11% of games played, with Gretzky and Anderson at 9% (Vinny Damphouse was 10%, but only 80 games played). Here is hoping that Conner keeps up that pace.

3. Shots per game - Threshold: 100 games. Wayne Gretzky wins this one being the only Oiler to average 4 shots per game. That doesn't seem surprising, but what is surprising is that several of the next ranked players all come from different eras in Oilers history. #2 is Jason Arnott at 3.29, #3 Taylor Hall with 3.25, Connor McDavid with 3.14 (and we all feel like he could shoot even more), then Sheldon Souray at 3.13. After that, Blair MacDonald, Paul Coffey, and Bill Guerin are the only ones hitting 3 per game.

4. Power play goals per goal - Threshold 20 goals. David Oliver wins this one with 24/37 goals being on the PP (65%). Boris Mironov, Roman Hamrlik, James Neal, M-A Bergeron, and Mark Letestu are the only others with over 50% of their Oiler goals on the PP. Looked at even more players past this, it is pretty clear that the leaders here are PP quarterbacks and PP specialists.

5. Short-handed goals per goal - Threshold 20 goals. Mats Lindgren scored 29 goals as an Oiler, with 7 (24%) being shorthanded. Craig MacTavish came in second with 18.7% (29/155) and Mark Letestu third with 17.6% (6/34). Interesting for Letestu, 67% of his goals were scored on the special teams. Really interesting player during his time here (and his 67% would lead all Oilers in that statistic)

6. Most goals without an assist - Winner here was on the birthday post today, Iain Fraser, who scored 3 goals in 9 games, but no assists.

7. Most assists without a goal - Tody Reider running away with 11. No other comments needed.

8. Worst +/- per game - Threshold 100 games. Nail Yakopov was a -88 over 252 games averaging a -.34 per game. If Patrick O'Sullivan had played 8 more games he might have won it, since he was -.45 per game over 92 games.

That's all I've got for you. Just some random stats from Oilers history the showcase a few guys other than the HOF crew we had.

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