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 Speculation » Sam Gagner Oilers PTO
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 Sam Gagner Oilers PTO [message #825227]
Mon, 14 August 2023 11:05 Go to next message
Rocksteady  is currently offline Rocksteady
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Some speculation on Twitter says Sam Gagner will be offered a PTO for the Oilers, and then hang up his skates to be in the Oilers office.

Not sure if any of that is true.

Also Arthur Staple says Patrick Kane has the Oilers on his short list to join up but I honestly do not know how that makes financial sense. Probably is bunk but this IS the speculation thread so it's allowed I think.

Chew on that citizens of Oilfans.

The very definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing expecting different results.

Generally Disappointed.

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 Re: Sam Gagner Oilers PTO [message #825228 is a reply to message #825227 ]
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RDOilerfan  is currently offline RDOilerfan
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There was pictures of Gagner recently hanging out with some of the Oilers on social media so I assume this will happen. I am not dissing the guy. I appreciate that he has some offensive skill, he had history with the Oilers, he's well liked by the fans and clearly well liked by Oilers players. I am a person who believe there is value a player can bring to a dressing room that you can't quantify on a spreadsheet but I am not sure what Gagner brings to the team other than he's tight with the boys especially when you consider they have Ryan on the team. I see them occupying the same spot on the team and Ryan at least kills more penalties than Gagner.

If Kane wants to come to the Oilers when he is healthy mid way through the season and he signs for around league min, you can find ways to get him on the roster.

[Updated on: Mon, 14 August 2023 12:08]

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 Re: Sam Gagner Oilers PTO [message #825231 is a reply to message #825227 ]
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inverno76  is currently offline inverno76
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No danger in a PTO. It is not only a showcase for that player with the offering team, but also a league wide platform to earn a NHL contract. Plus it allows teams to rest their star players during the extra long preseason money grab exhibition games.

Kane? Yes please, but if the Sabres are anywhere near a playoff spot in December then he is playing for Buffalo. He's chasing a Cup run and a chance to let people know his hip has recovered and he's still an elite player in the NHL. He's a gun for hire until the Cap goes up.

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 Re: Sam Gagner Oilers PTO [message #825232 is a reply to message #825227 ]
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smyth260 is currently online smyth260
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Kane had a horrible year defensively and will be coming off a major surgery and turning 35 in November.

You obviously want an offensive player of his talent to come on the team to it but I would be cautious to do any sort of surgery to fit him in. He’s not going to get PP minutes here.

Clean house or bust

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