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We are here to talk hockey!

The site staff have the exclusive right and discretion to delete any posts they deem to be against to any of the below rules and guidelines, and subsequently ban or suspend repeat offenders, as necessary.

If you see a post which concerns you, feel free to send a PM or email to MJ (the site's owner / moderator), or use the "Report Message to Moderator" feature of the forum. Any of these methods will get a moderator's attention.

OilFans Posting Etiquette

  1. You will post in a form that is understandable and coherent.
    Using capital letters, punctuation and paragraphs is an expectation. This is not English 101 class, but at the same time, this is not a children's chatroom. If you think "you" is spelled "u", don't even bother signing up. This is a community of mature and intelligent hockey fans and invite insights from new and old members alike!

  2. Posting links to illegal streams of Oiler games is strictly forbidden.

  3. Posting a message just to say "I agree" or post a smilie is poor etiquette on this forum.
    This site is visited by many lurkers and members alike and no one wants to scroll past your whitenoise.

  4. Respect others.
    Argue any member's ideas, provide your counterpoints and arguments, but keep the insults to yourself. Remember, every member will one day have to "agree to disagree" within any online community.

  5. Copying and pasting from other websites is completely inappropriate.If you reference other people's writing a link is expected. Do not over-quote.

  6. Vulgarity and profanity have no place on the forums. This includes using symbols in place of the actual curse words.

  7. Any crude or disrespectful nicknames for players, management, media or other posters will not be tolerated.
    If you wish to criticize anyone or any idea it is always possible to do so in a mature manner. With such a large number of sports fans from all faiths, ages and beliefs, there is no need to embarrass oneself and others with crudeness and disrespect.

  8. If you post to the Oilers forum, it better be about the Oilers.
    There is an NHL forum to announce any transactions that are not Oiler-related. There is a Speculation forum for your trade ideas or any rumours you have read about elsewhere.

    If you think you have the latest news, do take consideration as to where it belongs so you do not create a duplicate thread. The search function can be a good way to double-check for repeat possiblities.

    Trades that are completed is not speculation! Announcing a trade on the Speculation forum makes no sense.

  9. If you start a thread or a message, have some content.
    Posting a new thread to the forums with simply a link is rarely anything of use to read. Give the gist of why you're posting this news and what's so significant without forcing the entire site to view the link to see what you're talking about.

  10. Spamming is not tolerated.
    If you are a regular poster and consider yourself a member of our community and wish to share something new on your own site or blog, this is perfectly acceptable. Members who sign in for the purpose of advertising their own sites will be removed immediately.

  11. Scalping is strictly forbidden on the Ticket Exchange.
    If you are looking for more than face value for your tickets, you will be banned immediately.

  12. Bumping your thread to keep it at the top of the forum is poor etiquette.
    If you start a thread and do not get responses to it, don't worry: chances are you just didn't get something out that provoked conversation. Bumped threads will be removed.

The OT Forum is for members-use only and as such is subject to a much more relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy.

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