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 NHL » Andy Moog - HOF Case
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 Andy Moog - HOF Case [message #836083]
Tue, 11 June 2024 17:05
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So I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole today on Andy Moog as a Hall of Fame Candidate. Here's my paragraph from earlier:


Coffey in the 1st round, Kurri in the 4th and Moog in the 7th is an incredible run. Two of those guys are hall of famers, and the third debatably should make it at some point. Moog is 20th all-time in Wins and the only goalies above him on the list not active or in the Hall is Vanbiesbrouck (who won two more games in 169 extra games played and who has that whole racist thing hanging over his head) and Osgood who probably should be there too based on his numbers and I'm sure would be if not for his reputation of the team winning despite him.

On winning percentage, Moog is 12th all-time ( e+best+winning+percentage+of+all-time I think the filter is at ~100 games). If you go goalies with 500 starts or more, the only ones above him are Roy, Brodeur, & Hasek.

There are only 36 goalies among the 299 players in the Hall of Fame. That's just 12% (25.8% are defencemen and forwards are 62.2% - Hall_of_Fame#:~:text=Seventy%2Dseven%20defencemen%20are%20in ,36%20goaltenders%20have%20been%20inducted.). Given the importance of the position, and that if there was just a normal distribution by position you'd expect to see something in the 16.7% range, I think it's fair to say goalies are historically undervalued by the Hall.

Last year they tried to remedy this a little, putting in Lundqvist but also Barrasso and Vernon. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how those guys stack up against Moog:

GP - 777 (23rd)
Wins - 369 (22nd)
Winning percentage - 47.4%
GAA - 3.24
SV% - .892
Playoff Wins - 61 (T-15th)
Stanley Cups - 2

GP - 782 (21st)
Wins - 385 (18th)
Winning percentage - 49.2%
GAA - 2.98
SV% - .889
Playoff Wins - 77 (8th)
Stanley Cups - 2

GP - 887 (9th)
Wins - 459 (6th)
Winning percentage - 51.7%
GAA - 2.43
SV% - .918
Playoff Wins - 61 (T-15th)
Stanley Cups - 0

GP - 713
Wins - 372 (20th)
Winning percentage - 58.3% (12th)
GAA - 3.14
SV% - .891
Playoff Wins - 68 (11th)
Stanley Cups - 2

Moog is highly comparable in a lot of categories, and the best of the bunch when it comes to winning percentage. He won the Oilers their first Cup after Fuhr went down in the finals and backstopped the Bruins to the Finals in 1988 and 1990.

Unfortunately, my guess is that having done 3 goalies in 2023, it may be a little while before we get another legacy netminder making the no #35 to the rafters for a few years yet.

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