Picks For 2024-03-19
Tue, 19 March 2024 :: Montreal @ Edmonton
Login_IDPredicted ScoreActual ScorePoints Earned
BOLT8623-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton5
g2k3-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton5
Mullet3-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton5
NCREDiBLE3-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton5
stemhovlichski3-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton5
Adrean4-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
Kr554-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
Leia5-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
MJ5-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
Suomalainen4-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
Tuffy4-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
welcometotheOC4-2 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton4
PlusOne4-1 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton3
watchman6-1 Edmonton3-2 Edmonton3
CrusaderPi4-1 Montreal3-2 Edmonton0
Edmonton to win: 14 (93%)Tie Game: 0 (0%)Montreal to win: 1 (7%)
15 Total Entries

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