Part #2

The move that nearly didn't happen. When pulled its plugs May 15th, MJ decided to pull his plug just the same. After convincing from members of the media and alike, MJ moved the site back to Having put enough cash into hosting costs over the years, MJ's out of control hobby nearly went into the closet along with his old baseball glove and hockey cards.

As the site continued to draw traffic, MJ finally decided that enough was enough. With donations being accepted on the site, raised money to purchase a new server as the final phase of would begin. would become completely independent and never be affiliated again.

Dennis King and MJ become the 1-2 duo on when it comes to content. Kurtis Bakanec and Stephan Barnes continue to join in with features through the seasons.

No images to show here. The descriptions found within the next section accurately detail the logos and design of this phase of history.

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